Department of Radiology

Radhika Super Speciality & Advance Trauma Centre cares about the needs of the people in its area and can handle all your imaging needs. With our cutting-edge medical equipment like ULTRASOUND & X-RAY we are proud to offer a full range of radiology services.


To this day, X-rays remain the gold standard of diagnostic imaging. They are useful for both preventative maintenance and unexpected medical situations. Low-radiation X-rays have helped our doctors diagnose and treat a wide variety of patients.



The use of ultrasonic waves to create an image of the human body is another service Radhika Super Speciality & Advance Trauma Centre provide. As opposed to our other diagnostic imaging services, ultrasound does not involve the use of radiation or any discomfort for the patient. Taking photographs of the structure and motion of the body's organs in real time using ultrasounds aids in the diagnosis and treatment of a broad variety of medical conditions.

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